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What Is A Student Loan?

Are you not able to concentrate on your studies due to persistent funding problem?


Is your part-time income not enough to cope up with regular or irregular expenses?

Things are going to be strict with these circumstances, and almost every student will go through such a phase. Now, there is nothing to worry about. Student loans, from the private lenders in Ireland, are there to finance your academic or maintenance needs. These loans are mainly for individuals pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies but need sufficient funding to fulfil their needs or wants.

You do not need to be too much concerned about paying for your college or asking parents to have some money. Instead, use your Smartphone or laptop to visit our website, apply for the loans and get the approval within a few minutes. We make sure that you get the student loans on following assured FEATURES:

  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Multiple Repayment Options
  • No Upfront charges
  • No prepayment penalty

Is Student Loan Available in Different Formats in Ireland?

Yes, most of the Irish lenders are providing student loans in varied formats. It has advantages like those that students are studying at different levels, and they must have various financial needs. They have loans in varieties that make the job easier for them. On the other hand, it has disadvantages too, such as students may get confused which one to choose and it is a time-taking process.

We take the variety part positively and suggest you go through these types of student loans to choose according to your needs.

Types of Loans for Students

General Features

Undergraduate Student Loans

These loans are for those pursuing graduate study.

  • Both variable and fixed interest rates
  • Borrow from €1000 to €5000
  • Repayment term up to 5 Years
  • No guarantor needed
  • Easy online application procedure

Postgraduate Student Loans

These loans are applicable for the students enrolled in the Masters level.

  • Long-Term Funding Allowed
  • Repayment term may go up to 10 years
  • Ideal for college fees and maintenance cost
  • Make monthly payments by auto debit
  • Guarantor is Optional 

International Student Loans

Applying for these loans if you are going to study abroad.

  • Loans available only for Irish Citizens
  • Guarantor is needed
  • A soft credit check is done
  • Same day funding is possible
  • Apply from anywhere through a digital platform 

How To Get A Student Loan?

As a student, you do not want to indulge in a time-taking process while applying for the loans. As you cannot wait for your results, you cannot wait for the borrowed money either. Therefore, we suggest you not to look after a broker to reach towards the private lender. It is because paying for brokers’ charges will add more burdens to your financial capacity.

Come to us directly, and we will assist you on the priority note. Whether you are studying in Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, Cork, Galway, Kinsale and anywhere, we have a vast online occurrence all over Ireland.

At there, the student loan application is not the mammoth task to do. What we have done is cutting short the application procedure to make it 100% online. It further consists of easy steps:

Student Loan
  • No Credit Check Process
    We do not check the credit score of the students before granting them a loan. Instead, we look at their repayment capacity, academic performance, attendance record and current financial needs.
  • Fill an Online Query
    You need a loan so sit for a few minutes, fill out our small online application form, mention the details regarding your personal info, and submit it. Make sure you do not make any mistake before submitting.
  • Application Perusal, Loan Approval and Fund Disbursal on Same Day
    After submitting the loan query, you can continue with your study. However, we soon disturb you with a proper loan quote to your mail-id. Please go through it and give your approval. We are ready to fund you on the same day. Isn’t it amazing? A big YES...
  • Follow Easy Monthly Instalments
    Now you can use the funds to your financial purposes. As far as the repayments are concerned, you can easily afford the monthly repayments because we are flexible to our lending norms and give you every comfort. 

How OnlineCashFinances Finalises Student Loan Rates And Repayment Terms?

Interest rates are the standard but crucial part of a loan process. For some lenders, it is, in fact, the primary income source of some lenders. For us, the loan rates are the tool to make you sincere towards the lending process. We try very hard to ensure the lowest student loan rates that are suitable for undergraduates and postgraduates.

Remember, we finalise the loan rates only after discussing with you and analysing your current as well as future earning capacity.

Furthermore, we follow the flexible repayment schedules that you can choose according to your capacity. The duration of the courses that you are pursuing right now also matters. Do not forget that all the discussions regarding rates and repayments are done on the same day. Meanwhile, you can also take the help of student loan repayment calculator to get the best analysis.

Study With A Peace Of Mind - We’ll Handle Your Cash Flow

We aim at three objectives that give direction to us to bring student-friendly loan deals:

  • To ensure quick revert to their loan queries;
  • To fulfil their any financial needs related to study;
  • To make free from hefty lending procedures and norms.

Despite being the private lender in Ireland, OnlineCashFinances always follow the regulations on a student loan from Bank of Ireland. We focus only on making you financially strong so that you can concentrate entirely on your academics. No matter you need a loan to pay your tuition fees or required cash for maintenance, you are our eligible borrower.

Don’t hesitate to approach us because here, you will get fee-free advice from our financial experts and obligation-free student loan deals. Start your application now...


Do I Need To Have A Bank Account For Student Loan?

It is not mandatory to have a student account to get a loan. However, to get your loan sanctioned under this service, you can opt for doorstep feature. Some lenders provide such facility in terms of doorstep loans as well under flexible process. The favoured amount will be short term to complete the repayment with ease.

Should I Have A Guarantor To Get Student Loans For Studying Outside?

Presenting a guarantor for studying outside is a must because it takes for a long term loan. To get the amount, the credit score record of the loan applicant and the guarantor should be in adequate condition. Both the parties must have all documents like residential proof and bank statements ready to get the easy approval.

How Taking Loans As Student Helps Me In Higher Education?

Taking loans as a student helps you to maintain higher education because:

  • It makes concentrate on your studies well
  • The flexible features and quick service can avoid the stress of late dues
  • The best part is you can cover your small expenses by catching up with quick loans service to skip any kind of financial stress

Are All Student Loans Unsecured?

It depends on the amount you borrow. If the amount is small then it can be covered under unsecured funding. However, if the amount is big then it is covered under secured funding. In addition, depending on the credit score and income, the amount is disbursed. There are lenders who provide flexible features for a student to proceed in comfort.

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Representative Example

Loan amount of €10,000 with a monthly repayment of €331.19 over a loan term of 36 months at a rate of interest per annum (fixed) of 12.5%. This is equivalent to 12.5% APR Representative. Total amount repayable is €11922.79

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