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Are you looking for mortgage loans in Ireland but not clear about making a correct choice? Then let online cash finances help you with suitable advice that surrounds your financial conditions and suggest the best possible deals. We are an online mortgage advisor with a strong knowledge of the mortgage market. We deal in both residential and commercial mortgage. The reach to the market is wide, and we can serve you across Ireland with the best choices.

  • OnlineCashFinances offers rational advice and guidance on the procedure

  • Get a deep insight into current market conditions and interest rate

  • We help you make deals predictable though mortgage calculator

  • Get advice on the promising mortgage choices available in the market

  • Understand the calculation of stamp duty

Online Advice Assistance

Some Quick Facts -

  • Mortgage amount in Ireland available is 3.5 times of the total income of the applicant. Condition is subject to change.

  • Stamp duty on property up to €1 million is 1.0%. On higher price it is 1.0% up to €1 million and 2.0% on the remaining amount.

Our prime concern is to keep our clients equipped with the information. We aim to help you remove weaknesses in personal finances and qualify for a mortgage in the first chance. We see our victory in your mortgage approval as our team guides you about how things work. When it happens in the right direction as we expect, it is our success.

Mortgage adviser Vs broker

Normally property buyers misinterpret adviser and broker as similar, but they both are different. We are the advisors and work differently as compared to a broker. A comparison below can help you understand the actual difference between the two. Also, you can get more explicit about our role as an advisor in your mortgage journey. If you are searching for a mortgage with no broker, you need to give special attention to this.

Difference Between and Mortgage Advisor and Broker

The role is to advise on the mortgage products available in the whole market. The scale of an advisor is vast.

Brokers sell the products of varied mortgage lenders, and they suggest from those options only.

More comprehensive approach as an advisor does not need to have a restricted panel of lenders to sell their products.

The brokers tend to sell what they keep on their panel. They do not suggest any mortgage product if it not on their platform no matter how lucrative it is.

Advisors have undivided loyalty for the clients because they suggest you through the whole-of-the-market approach.

The brokers have a limited number of mortgage companies, and for the commission, they may not be unbiased in what they suggest.

The one point of similarity between the two is that both the adviser and the broker have reached to the renowned market lenders. Using any of these is fine, but for a more comprehensive approach of the market, you can rely on adviser choice.

Mortgages loans for bad credit people – Yes they are available

Bad credit situation is a ubiquitous issue but getting a mortgage with bad credit is not impossible with the flexible market standing in your service. OnlineCashFinances ensures your access to the mortgage lenders in Ireland that offer funds irrespective of poor credit situation. We have countless options to suggestion according to your financial circumstances.

Several terms and conditions apply in the case of mortgages for people with bad credit that you should know beforehand.

mortgage adviser
  • Varied lenders take varying levels of bad credit score. For example – the poor credit score (according to Experian) is 561-720. Some mortgage companies may accept only those with a minimum 600 score while some many accept even on the minimum score of 561. That can be discussed while you talk about your mortgage needs and financial conditions. How strong finances always help because affordability is essential. A bad credit mortgage calculator helps to predict the approval chances.
  • The deposit for a poor credit person is more than 10% of the property value. It is better if you make advance arrangements for it because it is complicated to get a mortgage without the required down payments. Finance companies are always in doubt about the repaying capacity of the poor credit people. A bigger deposit is the best way to make them accept the presence of stable financial efficiency.
  • The guarantor should have a strong income background and a good credit score. The guarantor is also subject to the verification of employment stability. He/She needs to have all the required financial capacity to win approval. These conditions are uncompromised because mortgage amount is big and also it is a big risk for the lender. Like every other part, this aspect is also uncompromised.
  • The poor credit applicants typically demand no credit check mortgage but in reality, no such product exists. It is actually a soft credit check that leaves no search footprint. However, the decision of hard credit check and soft credit check always depends on the discretion of the lender, but soft credit check deals are available. Not all mortgage companies may agree on the soft credit check. We can suggest you the mortgage providers that facilitate an alternative to hard check.
  • Recent financial behaviour is an important aspect that you need to work on. It is easy for the mortgage companies to overlook past payment mistakes if you have improved current financial behaviour, fund approval becomes smooth. Pay the bills at the right time, make timely payments of other debts and also do not apply for new loans. Try to pay off small debts faster and improve the income-outgoing ratio.

The mortgage loans for bad credit are not difficult to attain you make a right move in the right direction. With relatable advice on what is correct and what is wrong, you can understand the right approach to get approval.

How to apply for a mortgage – Information in Detail

The most frequent question that mortgage seekers ask from us is how to apply for a mortgage? It needs a detailed mention of not only the process but also what is required to get a mortgage. More information you get, more confident can be your borrowing decisions.

Nowadays, mortgage lenders give online approval decision and also do the initial verification online. Here is an explanation of the same -

1. The application process

  • Visit the website of the lender
  • Fill the application with all details
  • Click on ‘Apply Now’ option
  • Receive instant approval decision
  • Once approved further process occurs

2. What do you need to get a mortgage?

  • Income proof of last one year. It can also be 9 months in some cases
  • Bank statements on the same duration that is one year to describe your finances
  • The deposit money should be more than the minimum of 10%, of property price
  • Employment stability proof through the experience letters from last companies
  • Registration in the electoral roll

Fee requirement - No fee required because we find you the mortgage lenders that charge no upfront fee also we do not have any fee or charges.

Interest Rate - Rate of interest is according to the market conditions, but you will the address of customization deals, no need to worry on this part.

First time buyers – Getting a Mortgage is Not a Rocket Science

First-time buyers can get a mortgage on simpler terms and conditions by attaining an eagle’s eye view through our expert advice. The procedure for first or existing buyers is the same, and also the factor of strong repaying capacity is always supreme.

Advice for first-time buyers -

  • First-time buyers can get funds irrespective of credit history with good income status. It includes applications with no or bad credit history.
  • Do not make multiple applications to multiple mortgage lenders because that hurts credit score as you look credit hungry
  • Applicants of the first-time mortgage with bad credit should specifically work on a bigger deposit, employment stability and strong income.
  • Always compare between varied lenders not only on the interest rate but also tenure, loan amount etc. to get a rational insight into things

First-time buyers and existing buyers   - The Dissimilarity of Borrowing Experience

Both the first time property buyers and existing customers have equal opportunity. The only difference is of experience they get while borrowing funds. The one who buys a property for the first time finds everything new; while for the existing one, the procedure is familiar. To explain more, here is an explanation –

First-Time Buyer

Existing Buyer

Need to prove repaying capacity as the lender has no previous connection and history of the applicant to understand that.

Previous repayment history with the concerned lender proves the repaying capacity.

Less flexibility on the interest rate, especially for those with no credit history.

More flexibility on the rate of interest but only if the payment record with the lender is good.

Festive and seasons offers to provide lucrative deals.

Lenders always have special offers to attract existing customers.

The biggest difference between a first-time and second-time buyer is of confidence, whether it is in the buyer or the mortgage lender. The finance company knows the existing customer and can make easy predictions while working on flexible terms. For the newcomers, the loan company has countless doubts.  They may have less flexibility in interest rates, tenure, and loan amount etc. on the mortgages loan for first-time buyers.

Buying a house with bad credit not easy but also not difficult

We understand your stress when you make a big purchase decision during financial chaos. Buying a house with bad credit brings many causes of stress. Fear of rejection, getting a smaller amount than what is required, undesirable tenure etc. are some of the concerns. But with the right types of efforts in the desired direction, you can make things easier. Never forget the importance of a strong current income status. Whether you have a good credit score or a poor credit score, financial efficiency is always essential.

Commercial mortgage and rates – The big decision for a business

A commercial mortgage in Ireland is full of possibilities, and you can borrow money for a vast range of properties. The ultimate struggle is to get a relatable deal that suits to your business needs and also its investment goals.

Get commercial mortgage advice on the following properties –

  • Retail warehousing
  • Leisure and hotel industry
  • Retail shops
  • Medical and dental clinics
  • Industrial buildings
  • Office space
  • Educational buildings etc.

There is nothing on which you cannot get advice about the commercial mortgage. We can help detect the best lenders in the market that offer affordable and customised borrowing options. If you have the required financial background, approval can be achieved faster.

What do you need to provide to get commercial mortgages?

You need to provide the following details to get a commercial mortgage, and these are more or less similar across Ireland.

  • One year of banking statements
  • Company registration details
  • Financial details of the applicant
  • Financial details of the guarantor
  • Tax filing of last one year
  • Annual return of last two years

With these basic information you can apply for the funds. Stronger is the financial condition better are the chances of getting lower commercial mortgage rates in Ireland. We can advise you on how to get easy approval and also how to improve finances to get a cheaper deal.

OnlineCashFinances aims to become the most reliable online mortgage adviser while providing uncompromised and unbiased advice. We are doing that already and in exchange, receive the trust of the mortgage borrowers. You can come to us anytime we are available 24x7, leave a query on our website, and we are sure to respond in no time.


I do not know which mortgage lender should I consider?

OnlineCashFinances is an online mortgage adviser with a rational approach. We can advise on the best possible options while leaving the last decision on your discretion. Unlike broker services, we do not take any broker or fee from you.

Can I get a mortgage with bad credit to buy my first house?

Of course, you can go with the right type of advice that guides you on how things work for the poor credit first-time buyers. We help on the following aspects -

  • Guidance on the complete application process
  • Suggestions on the ways of credit score improvement
  • Understand the elements that bring fast approval
  • Get to know the names of the most promising lenders.

Can you advise on best commercial mortgage lenders?

Yes, with OnlineCashFinances, you can get the best advice on the best commercial mortgage lenders available in Ireland. We know the market and can explain well what is correct and what a wrong choice is for you.

How much can I borrow in mortgage?

It depends on your financial conditions and the final decision of the lender. There is a minimum and maximum mortgage amount, but what amount you can get totally depends on how much you can repay.

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